Monday, February 25


I love a reason to party!
My friend Rachel turned 30 in January.
She is the one in the awesome 80s prom dress.
Her husband really wanted to have a surprise 80s birthday party for her, so we set up an entire day of fun... 

We took her out for her birthday like we always do for each other. We told her she needed to dress 80s and we were going bowling. No better way to bring on the 30s then pretending you are way younger than you are. :)

We dressed 80s so she would be ready for the party at her house that night when I dropped her off...
Cory did such a great job. 

He had this amazing cake made for her...

We brought all the food and drinks.
We had ring pops, pop rocks, sots, lemon heads, grape heads, apple heads, big league chew.
Moutain Dew and Yoo hoo.
We had rainbow chip frosting dip with animal crackers, and doritos, and cheetos.
Anything not good for you was there!

Cory bought all these slap bracelets, glasses, and sticky hands.

I made this polaroid frame to take our pictures...
The Parkers and the Browns

 The Maughans friends... and the Maughans

 I do not know where our polaroid picture is...

We played the 80s Scene it game, which would have been cooler if any of us were actually old enough to remember the 80s. We were all kids, so if there were questions about My little Pony, Jem or Barbie and the Rockers, we had it, but it was a hard game!

It was way too much fun.

My favorite was Tyson. He wore a Members Only jacket, a hawaiian shirt, a mustache, and sunglasses.
He was straight up Tom Selleck from Magnum, PI.
I think he really looks like him too.

I had just come from jazzersize. It was a hard workout but at least my hair crimp wasn't messed up by my sweat. :)

It was lots of fun, and I really like reasons to dress up and celebrate.

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Does Tyson have a slap bracelet on his leather jacket? So funny and so fun!!
Love ya!!!

Kristy said...

You guys are party animals! So fun!

The Maughans said...

I'm pretty much the coolest person I know... and you're a close second.