Friday, November 9

 Guess what we found in the garden! Tyson just planted some watermelon seed one day, and this is what came from it. The problem is that we should have started it long before we did, but we didn't even think it would grow.

Tyson the farmer so proud of his little watermelon. (That was white inside and totally unedible.)

Next year I will start them inside early, so we have actual plants when it is warm enough to plant them outside. :)

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Awesome!!! Too bad you didn't find it earlier, you could have made it into a Jack-o-lantern!!!

Shelley said...

Wrong post - but I love the halloween costumes! So cute. I can't believe you made Alice that fast! Tyson is a great sport too...btw

Kristy said...

How cool is that!