Tuesday, November 6

the last of the halloween traditions

So, in HB we used to have a pumpkin carving party with our neighbors every year. It made carving pumpkins tolerable. It really is my bah humbug moment of the Halloween season.

We missed it, and kept putting off carving our pumpkins until Monday night before Halloween when I just thought of how sad the twins would be if we didn't do it. Guilt. It does wonders.

 We drew what we wanted our faces to look like...

 Cut the tops.

Took out the innards.

 Got so excited.

 Can you even guess who's pumpkin this could be?

Merrick wins for coolest pumpkin idea. His pumpkin was green and orange so he wanted a scary face on the green side, and a happy face on the orange side. 
When it was lit, it did some really cool things on the side of the house...

On Tuesday, we decorated sugar cookies with friends. Don't ever use black frosting. It is crazy.

I do love my Frankenstein couple though, and they tasted good too.

 I think we got in all of our Halloween traditions. phew.
( I will not be making sugar cookies for a long time.)

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

We will have to make some when you come for Christmas!!! Your pumpkins are so fun.
Love you guys!!!

renaelee78 said...

You are amazing! Seriously.