Saturday, October 13

Last day of sunshine?

SO this is what our weather looks like for the rest of the week...

and so Tyson felt an urgency to get outside...
We headed to the Bartlett Slough.
I still don't know what a slough is, but I think it is some sort of wetland place with lots of birds, or at least that is what I saw when I was there...

I love CA for sure, and nothing beats the weather, the beach,  the convenience of whatever store you need within 15 minutes of you, and Disneyland...
BUT nothing beats a view like this which is 10 minutes from your house.

Oregon is beautiful.

We hiked around. 
Took pictures.
and looked through the telescope.

The other day at the jog a thon, Q got hold of a cheese sandwich cracker, thus the beautiful smear on the bjorn. 

And goodnight.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Cute little, kissable Quincy face!!!
Love you guys!!!

Jess said...

Beautiful, and seriously, Quincy, no words. We need to get these two girlies together.