Wednesday, October 31

Happy Unbirthday... I mean Halloween!

Alice... in Wonderland!

Berkleigh: Alice with her painted red rose and her "bread and butter-fly".
(And her awesome costume that my mom made is still with the USPS somewhere. I thought that "neither snow, nor sleet..." oh well, we will get it tomorrow. As for today, I had an awesome afternoon making a new Alice costume. USPS is on my naughty list.... "it will get there on Monday." Ha)

Merrick: The Mad Hatter 
Best part, that he is wearing Berkleigh's green skinnies. He might need a pair, cause I just wanted to eat him alive in those pants. 

Quincy: The Queen of Hearts.
Oh that crown makes me swoon. If you were fortunate to get a texty poo with her precious face and crown early today, then "Your welcome".

Jen: The Cheshire cat. I had greater hopes for this costume, however, I had to make an Alice costume in an hour and a half.

Tyson: A card soldier. See that suspicious face?
 He is the culprit to the red
 He always is.

And there you have it. 
I love me some Halloween, but the minute it is over, I have a big sigh of relief.
Now, excuse me while I go raid my children's candy baskets...

6 love notes:

Mackenzie Scott said...

hahaha love that last line. i LOVE this idea!! you guys are sooo creative. merrick looks so hip in his outfit. did he not like it? or was he just not wanting to pose for the camera.

thanks for da pics braaaaaa :)

Megan said...

You are so creative! I am amazed at what you can come up with. I'm also amazed at your mad sewing skills. So sorry about Berkleigh's Alice costume. :( I still want to see pictures when it finally arrives.

RaeAnn said...

Love it!!!! You are a fun and amazing mom!!! The kids will always remember how fun you made Halloween!!!
Love you!!!

Chelsea said...

ADORABLE Jen! You always do such a great job!!!

Chelsea said...

ADORABLE Jen! You always do such a great job!!!

Kristy said...

I love the costumes! They turned out amazing and im sorry your original alice costume didn't come. But, the one you made is pretty awesome!!!