Sunday, September 23

why didn't i blog for a week?

I took pictures.

It is Divergent. I have been reading it, and wanting to finish....
It has just taken over my days, well that, and sitting in the car waiting for my kids to be taken or picked up from school, oh and ballet, and karate...

Here are the random things we have done this week...

Merrick got his hair cut and FOR REAL thinks it hurts. 
Berkleigh tried to help him out by reading him a fall book... 
(Didn't help with the whining, but solid effort.)

The kids wanted to put up Halloween decorations. I told them that the house needed to be cleaned (dusted, swept, mopped and vacuumed). Best thing ever. They did so many chores.
I decided that we need to have more decorations for obscure holidays to keep them cleaning.

Are you dying over this little outfit like I am. I forgot all about these Uggs someone gave me, and they are just now fitting and it is perfect with the cooler weather coming our way.

Someone figured out the stairs.
She is proud of herself, and talks to herself up there all day long.

Sophie went missing.
We found her.
Quincy was so happy.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Can't believe she is getting so big!!! It must be time to come back to see you all again!!!

Kristy said...

What is it about haircuts that make kids so nervous? Graham freaks out when Tom shaves his head. It's a little funny. I'm loving Q's shirt. Little lace sleeves are delicious.