Saturday, September 29

more of not a lot

I have been doing lots of Fabulous Friday stuff. Don't know what that is? It is Oregon's version of Super Saturday. I am in charge of the crafts. Fun and ugh all at the same time. hehe

So when I am not pricing crafts, making the sample crafts, or driving my kids to from ballet and karate or school, we can be found doing things like this...

Decorating for Halloween...

Each year I try to spice up my holiday collections. Add something new.
How boring is it to have the same stuff year after year?

This year I added some awesome bats, a darling mummy family, and some super cool spiderwebs.
(Another blog post to follow.)

The weekend before school started, we started a new tradition...
Tyson takes the kids on a camping trip.
I am sure I could go if I wanted to, its not like I am not invited, but I will take one for the team and stay home... Sometimes you have to sacrifice like that, ya know?

Last year our grape vine went ballistic. It was huge and crazy and vining into the neighbors trees, but we didn't get a single grape... 
This year, however, we could feed a small nation with the grapes that vine produced.
Oh and they were delish.

Berkleigh has been really into decorating the table with centerpieces for meals.
My sunglasses made the cut this particular meal.

Quincy continues to climb up the stairs and someone is constantly carting her back down. She just babbles all the way up talks to us from her mount and they is very verbal when wanting to come down.

I asked Merrick and Berkleigh what they wanted for dinner.
None of us were hungry due to our small colds and late lunch.
When they said ice cream, I declared it Ice cream night.
We ate ice cream and went to bed.
That is my kind of dinner.
(And probe will never happen again.)

Um, are you kidding me? Who is this growing girl?
I needed some pictures of Berkleigh for a photo gallery wall I am doing.
And she hammed it up for me.
I love this girl.

Full of personality.

And there it is...

I am sure random will just begin to describe the next several blog posts as I try to find time in the next few weeks to blog. Oh life, slow down.

2 love notes:

Emily Curfew said...

oh , berkleigh, you are so beautiful! love those pictures of her.

Kristy said...

Life does need to slow down. It is the end of October! We will have one year olds very soon! What the what? Love your stool. It is just like my red one, but awesomer? Is awesomer a word?