Tuesday, August 21

California here we come (Part 6: Cresent Bay)

I REALLY wanted to go to Huntington Beach to play on the beach. It is just home. I just was there so much for three years, I just wanted to play at that beach.

BUT .... we came at the wrong time. The US Surf Open was going on, which means 1 million people flock to HB to watch, and I didn't want to walk 6 miles from our parking spot to the beach, and I didn't want to battle crowds, so we went to Cresent Bay, one of my other favorite beaches.

These pictures make me wonder why we moved sometimes.
Nothing beats a Southern California beach.
It is perfect!

Quincy and Deacon worked on courting.
(Quincy is small, but doesn't she look like a chunker next to Deacon?)

The kids ran around and played in the water.

Found seaweed!

Brittany, Kristy, and I just watched the kids drain themselves of energy.

Quincy was introduced to sand, and unfortunately she thinks its awesome. 

oh, and Quincy was having some bonding time with her future Mother in law.

(I crack myself up.)

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Kristy said...

I love the picture of me and Quincy Darling! We've got a special bond. he he