Thursday, August 2

Because I am out of town...

 I am gone on a fabulous vacation in CA with my in laws and friends.
Tyson is on the high adventure with the scouts, so I headed to CA  for by myself with three kids.
We have been having so much fun and I have lots of pictures to share, but for now we are just going to post this post that has been in draft form forever! (Notice Berkleigh's hair...)

Do you ever look at your photos and think, oh that was fun! Why didn't I post about it...

Well, that JUST happened to me.

Fun bike rides in beautiful Oregon weather...
Since this picture Berkleigh has chopped her hair off, and we have chopped off those training wheels.
We have two wheeled bike riders now!

Partying with our friends the Maughans.
Gotta love the dress ups. 
How Belle, Little Mermaid, Hobbes and Calvin played in a scenario involving all of them is beyond me.

We found a snake in our friends backyard during a BBQ. That was intense for all the women, and Quincy backed on some watermelon for about a half hour.

 On my birthday, Salem celebrated by having a little carnival. Hehe. Brings out the carnie in me.

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RaeAnn said...

Love the Calvin funny!!!
Love ya!!!