Wednesday, July 18

the office

I used to feel like I had time.
I owned time.
It was mine.
I would play all day with my kids and their friends and my friends, craft it up, go on adventures, and still have time to make dinner, clean the house and exercise.

Now I feel like I am always doing things that are most important but I wish I didn't have to do.
And the culprit is the office.
Running a business is time consuming, and I don't even really do that! We pay someone to do that...
I have been promoted to Marketing Director, Office Decorator, and bank courier.

Although I love going to the bank because that means I am putting money into our accounts, and although I love to decorate, and although I love me some photoshop, I feel like I don't have anytime for the other things I LOVE.

Here is what has been eating up my time...

I had to design this little postcard mailer to send to all the referring doctors.


Then I have been working on changing the hideous decor in the office.
We got rid of the hideous mermaid statue...
Maybe I will take a picture of her to show you one of these days.
In her place we made a little kid station with some Melissa and Doug toys and the IKEA table.
When I have to do stuff at the office, this is particularly wonderful cause the kids just play there while I work.

I took down some hideous art in the waiting room and put up these pictures of Quincy's feet!

Decorating Tyson's desk a little...

The front office girls changed the name on this little birdhouse from the old doctor to the new and improved doctor!

While I was working the other night at the office, the twins were playing on the patient chairs that move up and down, Tyson was dictating his charts and had Quincy in his drawer.

And then we took pictures on the podiatry chairs...
Don't you love the paper with the feet on them?

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

It is beginning to look like you guys!!! Are you leaving the boats up in the windows?

garcias said...

I just want to know what a mermaid was doing in a foot doctor's office. Where's the feet!?

Mackenzie Scott said...

tyson- you look so slender, way to go! and i love that your kids can play around your office. it's like when we would go do dad's office and get apple juice in those cool lil bottles and sneak some candy from the other lawyers clear candy jars.

and i want to see the mermaid statue!

Sheryl said...

What an awesome wife, marketing director, office decorator and bank courier you are!! Think of all the money you are saving the office by doing those things. Hopefully you will get things situated and it will settle down some. Everything looks really good. I love the picture of Quincy in the office drawer--cute!!