Wednesday, July 11

Tea Party Take Two

So Berkleigh was really sad when we left for vacation that she wouldn't see her little Oregon besties, Tessa and Emory while we were gone, so I promised that we would have a tea party when we got home. 

My friend Rachel said Tessa kept asking if we were home yet so she could have a tea party with Berkleigh. I love that they love each other so much...

So they came over, decked out and we played!
My favorite is that they Emory dressed as Peter Pan. They were playing Peter Pan in the backyard for a good half hour before the tea party even started.

We always have to shake it up a bit. How much fun is a tea party if it is ALWAYS the same...
So this time we ate out under the grape arbor.

Merrick put on his Peter Pan costume too, so the Peter Pan's served the princesses.

Gotta love these two Hams.

4 love notes:

sherylblog1 said...

We always like a good tea party at our house!

RaeAnn said...

Love ya!!!

The Maughans said...

I know when it comes to the end of summer and we talk about the things we did, this event will be near the top of the list of Favorites!

Kristy said...

Oh, how cute and fun! I love that Berkleigh's little friend came as Peter Pan. That is adorable.