Wednesday, June 13

garden update

Things are growing! 
I don't know why that surprises me so much, but it is super exciting!
Merrick and Berkleigh are loving it!

Our peas.
Merrick and Berkleigh went outside one day, found a packet of pea seeds, and planted them.
I didn't know, I was just happy they were outside playing happily.
Then when my parents came, my dad asked if I had seen their plants.
I laughed when I found peas.
So we replanted them in the garden area, instead of in the random flower bed they planted them in.

I ate this pea. 
It was SO good. 

This is our potato plant.
Tyson took a potato out of our pantry and stuck it in the ground.
Crazy huh?!!

Tomatos and Carrots




and I didn't take pictures of the cherries!
So excited!

Tomorrow we are planting pumpkins, watermelon (I think it is too late, but Tyson wants to anyway) and corn.
We shall see...

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RaeAnn said...

Love your strawberries...they look ready to eat too!!!
Love you!!!