Thursday, June 28

All in a morning...

Today was one of those get everything done productive days...
Well, the morning was.

Quincy played.

Merrick and Berkleigh watched a show on my bed with my phone.
(Best use of the iPhone by far...)

I washed the dishes...
(Megan and Kristy, are you jealous!)

 Berkleigh colored and then helped me put their newly washed covers back on their carseats.

We then went out and weeded our garden that we neglected while on vacation. As sad as it was to see all the weeds, neglecting my garden was the best thing I did for it. 
I think I was over watering my tomatoes.

So we weeded...

Then we noticed the MILLIONS of peas ready to be harvested..
So we did.

And then we had photo shoots...

And Merrick and Berkleigh found a pea pod with two peas.
Just like them.
So we took a picture.

And then, we ate them for lunch.
Those peas didn't have a chance.
Poor guys.
Happy us!

Then Quincy woke up from her nap, happy as a clam.
With a semi devil smile...

And then we went to the park and played with friends until we went to look at houses.
( Does that mean we are ready to buy? Maybe...)

5 love notes:

Megan Ann Rasmussen said...

What a fun day! Yeah for peas and for your two peas in a pod times two.

RaeAnn said...

We haven't seen Quincy sitting up by herself cute!!! Your peas look especially cute in your new Anthro container!!!
Love ya!!!

Kristyn said...

Yeah for maybe buying a house!!!!

And the sky lanterns came from eBay! They were super cheap too! And the kids were FREAKING OUT about it - they screamed every time they took off! So much fun.

Kristy said...

Quincy is delicious and the anthro things are so cool!ynceseg

Kristy said...

I am reading all your blogs again and then I read the comment I wrote. What are all those letters after cool!? Sometimes I wonder about myself...

And yes, I am very JEALOUS about your dishwasher. I spend way to long doing dishes every day.