Tuesday, May 15

too fast

Miss Q accidentally (in spastic baby fashion) pushed the toy she was playing with away from her, so naturally she got up on her hands and knees to try and crawl to retrieve it.

I sent a text to my mom with a picture. She text back... "I bet she will be an early walker like you."
When did I start walking you might be wondering?
Well apparently I walked at 10 months.


Where is my baby going?

4 love notes:

Emily Curfew said...

that is so crazy to me that quincy could be walking this soon!! Pearce didn't start (scooting on her bum) until like 10 months. She now crawls whenever she sees a baby crawling, but i'm like--why the heck didn't you crawl when you were suppose to??

that quincy is growin up fast! trying to catch up with her big bro and sis!!

Kristy said...

She is so cute with her little bum in the air!

RaeAnn said...

I like the little tongue!!!
Love ya!!!

Shari said...

Oh, man! Babies grow up too fast! I love her little tongue, too. Is that what she does when she's concentrating?