Thursday, May 24


We have been doing a lot of exploring the past couple of weeks with the weather so nice. 
(BTW, it is raining again...)
We had a really fun evening walking around downtown Salem. 
So many cute little boutiques, fun restaurants, and I love that downtown has all the old building that have been remodeled and now house new unique little stores.

We had fun walking around in the sunshine and peeking in the different stores.

The city has all these purple squares in the sidewalks. Tyson asked a patient who is a Salem historian, and found out there are tunnels under Salem. The purple stones let the light into the underground tunnels. Who knew?

Cute little cupcakery that reminded us of Southern California, and when talking to the owner, found out she was from Southern California. 

So many unique alley ways...

 The cute buildings turned shops and restaurants...

Yummy gelato.

Old Vacuum shop, with this random HUGE grasshopper sculpture on the side of the building.

Learning to love our special little town.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

So fun...can you walk in the underground tunnels?

Sally said...

I've seen the purple squares before. We took a tour of the underground tunnels in Pendleton, OR. Apparently, they were mainly for the Chinese who were either not allowed to do business above ground or were ostracized from it. They also had their opium dens down there. I don't know if the same was true in Salem.