Monday, May 21

Birthday week

So I have a couple of friends that do "birthday weeks" and a couple of friends that do "birthday months"... I think Tyson would KILL me if I did "birthday months"... but anyways,

I decided to try "birthday week" for my upcoming birthday.

It started last SATURDAY with a Mother's Day GNO with my girlies in Oregon, but they surprised me and turned it into a PAR-TAY!

We went to downtown Salem and went in all the cute little boutiques we never go in when we are carting around... get this...13 kids between the 4 of us. yikes!
I got myself a ring and I got myself, I mean Quincy, this DARLING Pride and Prejudice Counting Board Book.
How cute is this?

Some of my favorite pages...

We had lots of fun. It was gorgeous outside, so we chose to eat at Napoleon's, and get some savory crepes. We ate outside and enjoyed the sunshine.
Thanks girls.
(It looks kinda gross, but it was chicken and brie and yumminess!)

Then who can be made that Mother's Day is right by your birthday?
That is just another day of pampering to add to birthday week.
Tyson made breakfast, lunch, and most of dinner.
He induldged me by helping me with a "photo shoot" for Quincy and the kids...
and I got to pick the park to go to for our walk. hehe.

Jamba Juice and some sunning in the front yard...

We dropped the kids off at preschool, and Quincy and I went to TARGET for one of my birthday/mother's day presents...
I had them in HB with my friend Kristy, and I needed them again. They were on super sale at Target.
Perfect! 2 please!

And then I found these cute sandals... I wanted them last year and never bought them, surprise surprise...
so then I found them this year, cheaper and in coral.
Yes please!
(Please don't look at my toes... I so desperately need a birthday pedicure.)

Some cupcakes at this cute cupcakery downtown, Sugar Sugar.
Which cupcake do you think I chose?

We went out of town a little to this cute little Cafe 22.
We had GINORMOUS hamburgers and fries, and walked around the "American Pickers Paradise".
Merrick kept saying, "Oh, they would love this gas pump!" and "This sign is REALLY old!"

(Look at her STARE that hamburger)

Tyson's family has a tradition of doing a birthday breakfast!
Well, Tyson knew my friends wanted me for breakfast, but you can't break tradition..
So he made a crumb cake so that I could blow out the candle and open presents with the him and the kids before he headed off to work.
(He did the red Happy BDay sign all by himself! :) )

Got lots of fun things!
2 Anthro gift cards, a book, a skirt, a cardigan...
and.. chocolate covered gummy bears!

Breakfast with my friends: crepes with nutella, crepes with cookie butter, crepes with lemon curd, sausage and fruit. YUM!
How cute are they?
(Decorations were also for my friends little boy who I share a birthday with.)

A trip to Portland.
Tyson was somewhat unavailable on Saturday due to work things, so we are still going to celebrate today when he gets home!
To spend some of the money on my gift cards!

Happy Birthday to me!
(And it is totally fun to celebrate ALL week for your birthday! And buy yourself small presents everyday...
really there is nothing better!)

7 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I can't wait to tell your dad about birthday week!!! Why haven't we thought of this before? Pampering all week...gotta do that this year!!
Hope you had a great time!!!
Love ya!!!

Brianna and Tyson Smith said...

WOOHOO!!!!! Such fun times! I love your sandals- so cute! Happy Birthday!

Emily Curfew said...

this looks like a seriously fun birthday week!!! with lots of yummy food-- my fave. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday! First things first. I have those sandals too! I bought them in the teal color. They are awesome. Second, love that you celebrated birth week. I'm a definite believer that birthdays should last more than one day. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Wish I could have celebrated with you!

Megan Bowen said...

Aahhhh! Birthweeks and birthmonths...nothing better. Looks like a lot of fun and lots of teal hehe! Happy birthmonth!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Day and Week! Sounds like it was great! We did a birthday week for one of my roommies once because she had to work on her birthday. It was fun! Glad you had a good week. The birthday breakfast looks yummy! Love ya Cuz!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday, Jen! Sounds like you had an awesome week! And, chocolate covered gummy bears? I didn't even know they existed. My friend used to rave about chocolate covered cinnamon bears from BYU bookstore. I still haven't had the chance to try those, but they sound great. Now I'll have to add the chocolate covered gummy bears to my list of "Must Try".