Monday, April 9

My blue eyed girl

I am trying to get all my pictures together from this weekend... Inlaws, parents, a brother in law, my aunt and uncle, and my cousin, his wife and kids came for Quincy's blessing...
Lots of people. Lots of fun. Best Easter ever.
I have to take some pictures of Quincy in her blessing dress and then we will be back in business, but for now..

Love on my blue eyed girl!
The Oregonians keep telling me she will stay blue eyed! I sure hope so!

I just am so excited to think I could have a blue eyed girl.

2 love notes:

Laura said...

Why are our kids so alike?!? Everyone in my family keeps telling me lylas eyes will stay blue too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I can't believe I got a blues eyed baby! Ps Q is adorable

Kristy said...

When Deacon and Quincy get married and have kids, we will have blue-eyed grandkids. She is delicious!