Thursday, March 22

On the First day of Spring my true love gave to me...

And it never stopped snowing for over 24 hours!

This was the 21st, the day it SNOWED ALL night and ALL day and ALL night...

and then this was today. 

(Yes Berkleigh is wearing a skirt over her snowsuit. That girl KILLS me.)

 Our Mickey Mouse Snowman
(We built him for all of our friends who were probably in 70 degree weather AT Disneyland today.)

Beautiful! Sunny and warm-ish...

We played in the backyard, and then my friend Raegan text me and said, "We have sleds, we have snow, and we have a hill."
So we packed up and went to her house.
The kids sled in the backyard and Raegan and I planned a baby shower.


4 love notes:

Kristy said...

Well, it may be 70 here, but we (as in Bowen's, Ward's and Us) are all sick. Blah. Plus, no Dland since all the Zonies and Utards are in town. I wish I was playing in your snow! That looks so fun!

Caitlin said...

That snow is crazy! I'm loving Berkleigh's cut!

RaeAnn said...

So fun!!! I wish we had snow right now!!!
Love you!!

Shari said...

Ugh, I feel your pain, but you're cooler than us. We haven't taken our kids outside to build snowmen yet. I love your Mickey.