Wednesday, March 7

OMSI instagramed

I don't even know what that stands for, BUT it is a really cool museum in Portland.
I have felt a little trapped in Salem, we just haven't felt settled, we have lots going on with work right now, and didn't know if we were staying in Salem or not... (more on that later.)

Anyways, we finally figured out our work situation, and so I felt more settled and ready to buy a pass to this great museum.
(PS. HB friends, go to this link and buy this museum pass if you are in the market... it will always get you into La Habra Children's Museum for FREE, the Discovery Cube for FREE, the Santa Ana Zoo for FREE, and tons of museums in LA and San Diego for FREE, and other places in OR if you want to come visit :),  and all over the nation... plus it is only $75 for two adults and as many children under the age of 18 as you want. :) )

Some sand, some water, some love...
OMSI is where its at.

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Anonymous said...

Stands for "Oregon Museum of Science and Industry." Just fyi.