Wednesday, March 14

Monday nights are the BEST

For FHE we did one of our pinterest experiments...
I promised the kids I could get the shell off the egg without cooking the egg, and without the goop getting all over. They didn't believe me, so the experiment was on.

We started on Sunday night, cause the experiment takes 24 hours...
Put the egg in a cup, fill the cup with vinegar and let it soak for 24 hours.

The on Monday night, we talked about "change". I don't know how Tyson brought in a spiritual lesson when watching the shell of an egg disappear, but he did a great job, and it was a great family night!

Don't believe us?
Here is the egg without the shell, and just that thin membrane that is yucky if you don't get it all the way off the hardboiled egg before you eat it.

Can you see the yolk floating around in there?

2 love notes:

Kristin said...

So cool!! We may have to do this.

Shari said...

I tried the vinegar and egg experiment in Junior High to make the egg squishy, but I didn't realize you could take the shell off. That's so cool! I'll have to try that with my kids.