Friday, March 2

Bitter and Sweet

I fell asleep on the couch. No surprise, but when I woke up and transferred myself to my bed, I used my phone as a flashlight, noticed I had an email, and checked it (cause I am hardcore).

It was from TOM. You know, my favorite shoes? :)
 I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to get the crochet TOMS. For almost a year. I discovered them shortly after my birthday last year when my mom bought me a pair of the Black Glitter ones. 
When we moved to Oregon, I took them to Nordie's and wanted to return the glitter ones (which aren't so comfortable) to get the crochet. 
They didn't have any in stock anywhere! Only one pair on eBay for  $200. Uh, no. 
And so it has been for almost a year. 

Then as if on the winds, I heard a whispering that they would be coming back in the Spring, so I walk by our Nordie's to get a peek... and finally I ask (even though I don't want anyone else to know), find out that it is true, but won't be in stores for awhile.

And tonight, at 1:00 am. There was the email. The glorious email with those glorious shoes. I didn't even ask Tyson. I got my purse, flung out my card, typed in my number, ordered these beauts.

(I really, really, really wanted the cream. But lets face it, I have three kids, two which can figure out that my feet are the ground. I would hate for them to get really dirty, so grey it is, and I couldn't be more excited!) 

After all, I have the money from a birthday present that never was... Sad.

As I am buying them, I am imagining myself frolicking through meadows of green fields with the birds singing and trees sighing in relief that the world is right now that Crochet TOMS are being made again.

And then I click the SEND button... I see this outside.

I won't be frolicking in my new TOMS in this for awhile.

But at least I saw two beautiful sights tonight...

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I think these are even cuter than last years...I am so glad that you waited!!!
Love you!!!

The Maughans said...

I, too, got the e-mail, but did you see the ballet flats?! Love.

JS said...

the ballet flats are amazing too! I have just had my mind set on those crochets. :)

Harris Family said...

Those are really cute!