Tuesday, February 14


Birthdays are SO fun. I love them, even more so when they aren't mine! Everything gets more fun and better once you have kids... and birthdays are just one of those things...

The only problem, is this year, Merrick, Tyson and I are sickies.
It started with me, and then Merrick woke up with what I thought was an asthma attack. 
(We think it is croup.)
And then Tyson stumbled home from work today, fell on the couch and didn't come to for hours...

We were gonna have a cute little (last minute) Valentines/Birthday party for the twins tomorrow, cause they kept asking when their party was and uh, I didn't plan one... so I sent out the mass text to friends and they were gonna come over and play "Don't Eat Pete" or "pin the diaper on cupid" but that won't be happening...

We will be homebodies most likely, but that is ok. We have other things planned...

{year one}

But no matter who is sick, my babies are turning 5! FIVE! What?
That is that age where they start school, and then they never come home right? 
They just keep going to school, getting busier, and then one day, they are graduating from high school.
Is this the beginning of the end?
I am SOO glad I just put them in two days a week preschool. They love it, and I get them home where I can selfishly love them until they leave me. :)

{year two}

I feel so lucky to be their mother.
Being a mother of twins is such an experience in itself, but to see how these two interact, I just KNOW that they were meant to come together.
How special that Heavenly Father knew they needed to come with a built in friend.

{year three}

Merrick is so tender-hearted. If I give him a stern look, he is in tears. He is shy around people he doesn't know, but can also ham it up when he is comfortable.
His laugh IS a bowl full of jelly. It is so deep and contagious!
He has the most beautiful shape and color of eyes, and they can just melt me.
He is so smart. He uses amazingly big words for a 5 year old, would read (look at) books all day, and is amazing at math.
He can write his name AMAZINGLY with his LEFT hand and with his RIGHT hand.
Tyson hopes he will be left handed, because all AMAZING surgeons are.
He loves Quincy and can make her laugh!
He adores Berkleigh, and always wants to play with her. Sometimes she is stubborn and doesn't want to play with "unisex" toys with Merrick, and Merrick will willingingly play with dolls just so he can be with Berkleigh. I love to see what they play with... I will go in the play room and there will be Cinderella and Belle taking a ride on the back of a triceratops. CLASSIC!

{year four}

Berkleigh is a spit fire. She has really gained an incredibly "dramatic" personality.  Everything is over the top! Urgent! Hilarious! Devastating! There is never an in between...
She is a daddy's girl and wakes up early to say goodbye to him in the morning when he leaves for the gym, and then again when he leaves for work.
She is artistic and can draw so well. She adds so much detail and care to whatever artistic medium she uses. 
Her sense of style is amazing! She wears the most random things, but ALWAYS looks cute. She will be one of the very fashionable girls that can pull off outfits that I try and never end up wearing out of the house.
She is always running, skipping, dancing, singing, and talking. 
She will talk to anyone! She stands up for Merrick when he is shy and won't say anything.
She loves the library, but books are not her favorite thing. ..
She would rather be deep in an art project or dancing.
She is smart and her printing is beautiful.
She LOVES Quincy and is such a great little helper. She can calm Miss Q down almost better than I. 
She rocks, she shushes, and she can make Quincy smile so big.
She loves to play with Merrick and when Merrick isn't around she wants to know that he is all right.

{year five}

They compliment each other. Merrick's weaknesses are Berkleigh's strengths and vis versa.
They need each other, and our family definitely wouldn't be the same without them!

Happy Birthday Merrick and Berkleigh!
You changed our lives and we would NEVER want it any other way.

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RaeAnn said...

Love you guys...wish we could be there with you all this year...but maybe not if you are all sick...feel better soon!!! Love your post!!!
Happy Birthday B and M!!!
Love ya!!!

Jenny said...

So sweet! I remember holding them in the hospital when they were born (probably just one of them since I was 9+ months pregnant and still afraid of babies)! That is cu-razy that it's been 5 years!! They just keep getting cuter and cuter!

I hope you guys get over your sickness soon so you can party!

Harris Family said...

you have such cute kids!