Thursday, January 26

At 2 months Miss Q has more facial expressions...

than Kristen Stewart...

At two months, she is a very expressive little girl.
Here is the proof...
Here is Kristen Stewart in EVERY expression...

Her 2 month stats as of yesterday, January 24, 2012...

Weight: 9 lbs 15 ozs ... 24%
Height: 22 inches ... 25%
Head Circ: 39 cm ... 54%

(She is skinny, kinda short, and really SMART. That is basically what that means. :) hehe)

We love her. She is an easy baby. She sleeps ALOT, and can put herself to sleep. 
She put herself on her own schedule, which luckily for me is JUST the schedule I wanted for her.
She must have read Baby Wise. She whimpers at 9 ish, and I swaddle her, and she falls right to sleep, and sleeps until 12. She wakes up and hangs with us for awhile, Merrick and Berkleigh play with her, we try and make her smile, and then she whimpers again around 1:30-2:00 ish, and she gets swaddled and falls back asleep until 5 ish.
She sleeps about 9 hours at night. I can't complain. We are getting there. She wakes up at 5 ish, but I wonder if Tyson wasn't leaving for the gym at that time, if she would sleep longer.

She likes to be on the floor kicking her legs, but after awhile she lets you know she wants some love.
She gives smiles all the time, she coos like a champ, and her strawberry blonde hair is starting to grow, and blue eyes are still blue. I know they can change. Berkleigh's changed at a little over a year, but neither Merrick or Berkleigh had this blue of eyes, and they weren't as fair skinned, or light haired as she is.
Can't wait to see!

5 love notes:

Kristy said...

I love Baby QT! She is so darn cute. I love all her expressions. I just love that our babes have the same size head. Deacon is still bigger than the others!

Laura said...

Oh man those are some long naps. Lucky lucky

Sheryl said... your comparison between Miss Q and KS!!

She sounds pretty much perfect and she looks super sweet.

Sally said...

Not until reading your post this moment did I realize why Kristen Stewart seemed such a boring actress. It's because she is so expressionless! Thank you for illuminating something that has bothered me in every Twilight movie I've seen.

But, Quincy...she's got even more expressions than those Dr. office charts! I love how you juxtaposed them all together like that.

RaeAnn said...

I think she looks like Merrick in "annoyed" and "flirty" and like Berkleigh in "mischevious" but Quirky Quincy is my favorite look!!!
Love ya!!!