Monday, November 21

Today is the day, and we have been busy!

Well, baby girl is coming today. 
Check for a post later to see what she looks like and what her name is...

We have been blog absent so we could do lots of things for baby girl.

This is what we have been up to:

*Helped the kids wrap Miss _'s present. 

*Finished Christmas ornaments. Which I did a long time ago, until I remembered that I was going to have another child by Christmas... so I needed to finish Miss _'s ornament.

*Finished a couple of onesies I have been dying to create but haven't had a sewing machine to finish them with. My friend just had her baby, and loaned me hers until my new one comes in the mail...

*Finished hair bows I have been working on. 

*Washed baby linens.

*Finished Miss _'s new wet bag. 
Her name is embroidered on the doilie but you can't know it yet...

*Making carseat tent. My mom is doing it as we speak! 

*Cleaned the carseats. 

*Packed my hospital bag. 

*Updated my mom on what I want for Miss _'s blessing dress.
Inspiration came from this BHLDN wedding dress.
 I can't wait to see what my mom comes up with! 

I have already:
cleaned the fridge
cleaned the bathrooms (which need to be done again)
cleaned the oven

Tyson will be posting some baby love later in the day! Check back!
And wish us luck!

3 love notes:

tiff said...

Good luck, sweet girl!
Love you!

p.s. your onsies?!? I die.

The Maughans said...

Oh my weird! I literally had that doilie fabric in my cart for the baby blanket, but changed my mind last minute. Can't wait to see her!

Shelley said...

So happy for you guys!