Tuesday, November 8

BIIATM: Fourth of July (7/4/11)

BIIATM: Stands for Because it is a Thankful Month...
You will be seeing more of these!

We are sure thankful for the wonderful country we live in, and the freedoms we have!
Even if we miss our sunny California, we moved to somewhere just as beautiful but in different ways, where great opportunities are awaiting us!

I laugh at this picture when I think about how big I thought my belly was! Oh man, it is way bigger now.

We had such fun with our little family and our neighborhood family.
Seriously that is what that neighborhood was too me. We always had BBQs outside, hung out there all day, went on bike rides, went to the park, stayed in our pjs all day and hung at each others houses...

But on our last 4th of July in Huntington Beach, the city where Huntington Beach beats out Christmas in favorite holidays, we did everything we could possibly think of!
We rode our bikes to the parade, watched it, played at the park, watched Berkleigh trip on the one piece of concrete in the whole grass covered park and bloody her knee up somethin' fierce.

She did look cute though.

And so did he...

That night we headed to the pier for fireworks with our awesome little neighborhood. It was fun to ride our bikes down, and to relax on the beach while watching...

We sure miss our friends, family, bike rides and our little coastal community.

2 love notes:

Brianna and Tyson Smith said...

I would say that this year being grateful for the wonderful U.S.A is almost #1 (tys and tar-bear come first!)
We've realized just how great we had it in the U.S.A now that we are living out of the country. We join you in your Thankfulness of the U.S.A!

Megan said...

Oh so much fun! Great memories. That's the sliver lining-that even though those times are gone, we still have the memories!