Sunday, October 23

The Pumpkin Patch

We went to a real live pumpkin patch. We had to break the pumpkins off the vines, and there is an infamous patch where they sell ALL pumpkins, no matter what size, for $1. Awesome.
But, it was kinda far away, and so we just went to a family farm 8 minutes from our house which sold pumpkins for .18 cents a lb. We got 4 beautiful pumpkins for less than $5. That is still a great deal!

We went twice. First time, was Friday night with our friends, the Maughans.
It was dark when we met them there, so we didn't get to pick our pumpkins (which was a bummer, but awesome too, cause I love knowing that I didn't have to go to some kind of carnival in the Mall parking lot to pick our pumpkins out of a pile, and that once the night hits, the pumpkin picking closes because there are no lights on the farm.)

We did get to go through all the hay mazes and hay pyramids!

The second time we went was Saturday night just right before sunset to pick out our pumpkins...
I love the farms in Oregon!

Merrick and Berkleigh wanted to pick one for Baby _ _ _ _ _ _. So we decided on this semi green one, because it wasn't ripe yet, and neither is she... :)

It was a great day on the farm.

4 love notes:

Megan said...

These pictures are beautiful! I love seeing Tyson in his plaid shirt and playing with the wheelbarrow. I also love the pic of you with the pumpkin. That pumpkin weighs more than your baby. Ha! I bet the kids loved picking the pumpkins off the vine. What fun.

RaeAnn said...

What a fun day!!! Love your little mini pumpkin!!! SO cute!!!
Love ya!!!

Jenny said...

that picture of you with the pumpkin reminds me of when we went to the half moon bay pumpkin festival as little preggos

JS said...

@jenny that is why Tyson wanted me to take that picture! That was so fun...