Thursday, October 27

The head bone's connected

to the neck bone...

I tried to copy this awesome skeleton from Potterybarn kids.
It turned out cute I thought, but the most fun part was not hand stitching all those bones... ugh,
but letting the twins put Mr. Bones together and try and figure out what bones were connected to what.

We also had a playmate with our friend Tessa. She came over and we made sugar cookies.
Look at the amazingness that is the sugar coma they created. yuck.

4 love notes:

Kristyn said...

I desperately needed something like this for Thack's party tomorrow....hmmm, I might just be stealing this! Thanks for the idea!

Megan said...

Sugar headache? Yes!
Memories forever?...Yes and Yes!

RaeAnn said...

Love Merrick and Berkleigh's skeleton faces. Everyone needs a sugar coma once a year!!!
Love ya!!

Kristy said...

I like the EEK! Why didn't I think of that. I guess Boo will have to do. I love that we are doing the same projects still even though we are so far away from each other!