Monday, October 31

Halloween 2011: A Life Cycle

Got it?


Tyson just got a sheet from goodwill to wrap around himself, and I painted a leaf, cut out a hole and stuck my white shirted belly through it...
It worked out for all!

The caterpillar and butterfly.
I bought the wings for Berkleigh, but I made that caterpillar costume with no pattern.
Just eyeballed it and I can't believe it turned out at all.

Berkleigh has wanted to be a butterfly for awhile, so when I found the Monarch wings, I just had to... and the rest fell into place!

Merrick getting into character. He kept telling me, "Take a picture of me eating these weaves (leaves)."

We love our little bugs!

7 love notes:

Chelsea said...

This is so creative and darling Jen! I love always amaze me with your clever ways. XOXO

Jenny said...

i am so amazed by that caterpillar costume you made! muy bien! i love seeing what you come up with every year!

Sheryl said...

This is so cute and creative--seriously the caterpillar is amazing!!

RaeAnn said...

I think the front is just as adorable as the back of Merricks costume!!! So cute!!!
Love ya!!!

Kristin said...


Megan said...

Really! So creative! I agree that the caterpillar is too cute. And it is so fun to see Berkleigh enjoying being a butterfly. Your egg on a leaf is so funny! Well done.

The Birds said...

Such a fun idea! and you did awesome on the costumes!