Wednesday, September 14

10 Day Breakdown Story

I decided to take a trip to Southern California for a little vacation before the baby was born. We also needed to use our Disneyland passes before they expire on the 8th of September!

Tyson obviously had to work, so I drove with my pregnant 27 week pregnant self and two 4 1/2 year olds 16 hours from Salem, OR to Laguna Hills, CA.

Here are lots of pictures Day by Day...
just what you always wanted.

August 27, 2011
The kids were so good! I listened to a book on tape, and the twins watched movies. We got out and ran around every couple hours to keep the twins happy, and me from clotting. :)

August 28, 2011
When we got into Orange County, I was SOO happy! I love it, but I must say, it is SO not pretty compared to Oregon. Although I love it...
We loved seeing Grandma, Grandpa, Brittany, and Brooke! It was fun to spend time with them!

August 29, 2011
We needed to jump right in to our vacation, so we headed to Disneyland with Melody & kids, Kristy and kids, Megan and kids, Becky and kids, Kristi and kids! There were so many of us!
When Berkleigh and Merrick saw their friends they jumped around, hugged, held hands and picked up right where they left off! It was so cute!

August 30, 2011
So, after getting home from Disneyland, I felt like my hip was going to fall apart! I have never been to Disneyland pregnant, and it was rough... but I really wanted to continue the momentum, so I called up the girls and we headed to the beach. I miss the sunny warm beach!

August 31, 2011
Ok, so I needed a little down time, but not to much. I hit the trip just right to be in California for the MASSIVE huge waves! So I went with Brooke, the twins, and my mother in law to the STUFT SURFER (one of my favorite breakfast places) for some waffle love, and then we headed to the Wedge to see 20 ft waves! Crazy!

The best part, is you get to eat amazing waffles, while your feet get to play in the sand!

And what is better than fabulous company!
Merrick was there too, but he was too busy chasing seagulls.

There were SOO many people there!

September 1, 2011
After our "relaxing" day, we went back to Disneyland, this time in the afternoon and tried to stay late. That doesn't work so well when you don't have a stroller, and your kids don't take naps anymore.

September 2, 2011
My sister in law and family drove from St. George to see us while we were in town! I was so excited! The twins got to play with their cousins, and I got to meet little Oliver, the newest cousin! We went to Disneyland Friday night with the Rasmussens, and then I ran home and went to see The Help with my best girlies.

September 3, 2011
We spent the day with family and watched the BYU game, had a BBQ and hung out with the cousins!

September 4, 2011
I took the kids to our old ward. It was fun to be there, and then we went to home to have dinner with family before they packed up and left.

September 5, 2011
We went to our normal holiday pool party at the Thackers. We swam and ate yummy food!

September 6, 2011
It was super overcast on Labor Day, so I thought we could have a great day at Disneyland the day after Labor Day because schools were back in session and it would be overcast.
It wasn't! It was 100 degrees, and we met friends at noon. I hadn't eaten lunch yet, we walked into the park, and by the time we got to the splash pad, I felt faint, and couldn't breath very well. I wanted to just get my mother in law to pick me up, but when my friend asked for a wheelchair (I didn't want the "event" to be bigger than it had to be and actually faint, so I didn't want to walk out of the park) I got the nurse, the security guard, the Dland workers, blood pressure taken, ice pack, and the whole shebang. It was amazing. Pregnancy scares people. hehe
After an embarrassing walk through California Adventure in a wheelchair, we got to first aid, and I had to lay there until I felt better. Awesome. I guess I really wanted to see EVERYTHING at Disneyland.
(There is nothing better than friends that know you so well, that they know you will want pictures of this.)

Oh yes, a wheelchair, and I love the blockade of Disney workers so I crowd didn't form...

Goodbye Disneyland.

September 7, 2011
After my "episode" I wanted a lazy day. I laid around all day watching Gilmore Girls, and watching the twins play with all the cool vintage toys. THen that night, I went with friends to take our other friend out for her birthday. BJ's for a pizookie. Nothing better!

September 8, 2011
It was still SOO hot, so we decided to take all of our kids to Mission Viejo Mall to the indoor play structure. The kids played, and then we walked around the mall. We were on the bottom floor when the power went out. What does that mean? Every store closes, the A/C turns off, and the elevators and escalators stop working. Basically, there was no way to get out of the mall, unless we went upstairs. Well, we had three double strollers! We made it out, but then it took me 2 hours to get to my inlaws from the mall, which should take approximately 8 minutes. Crazy!

Well, the power outage lasted until midnight, so we had to be creative with dinner! Brittany and I made grilled pizzas by candle light, and we ate outside in the backyard. It was a great night.

September 9, 2011
Tyson flew in with his free ticket to drive back with me. I was so relieved. It was a great trip down, but I really wanted a grown up to talk to on the 16 hour drive back to Oregon. This was our one day together in Orange County.

We took the kids to the park, where Merrick successfully got another gash on his forehead. Crazy kid. He could have easily gotten some stitches, but we decided on super glue. It worked great.

Friday night, we went to the park by my inlaws house for the last Summer Concert. We heard a tribute band for Jimmy Buffett. We ate Cafe Rio, and played with all our old neighbors, and husbands got to talk.
It was a good goodbye.

September 10, 2011
Where we witnessed so crazy power outages (right when we needed to buy gas and not gas station was open!), fires, freak rainstorms, crazy lightning... it was a weird trip!

September 11, 2011

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Emily Curfew said...

YUP- this post makes me miss orange county terribly!! :-(

but i do agree with you that the pacific nw is MUCH prettier. :-)

RaeAnn said...

Glad that you were able to stay so long and had such a fun time!!! Is Merrick doing better? Did he need stitches again?
Love ya!!!

The Polson Family said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!! So fun!! Hope you're enjoying your cooler weather!

KrysJo said...

Cute pictures. Looks like such a fun time. I am trying to convince Felipe that we should go to Disney Land or Disney World (he doesn't think it would be fun) - I think he is crazy!