Sunday, June 5

14 1/2 Weeks and the sex of our baby

At 6 weeks pregnant, I was walking around Central Park in New York with my three friends.

I was on my phone calculating my last period. There was a unanimous vote to buy my a pregnancy test.
So we did later that day, and it was positive.
It was so fun to find out with three close friends in a strange city. Maybe this baby will have a "New York" name, or a "North Carolina" name because that is where Tyson was.

In Chinatown, I bought this onesie

and that is how we told our parents with that amazing little tourist gift.

Other questions I have bever answered...

Are you having twins?
No, we are having one beautiful healthy baby.

Am I showing?
I would say yes, that is when I finally decided to tell, when it hurt to suck in all day.

What are you having?
Well, we went on a Saturday Morning Date with our neighbors, the Haights, to this awesome ultrasound place where you can pay $25 and find out what you are having.
(Um, we were not holding hands together in the room all buddy buddy. We did go in by ourselves, but we went together.)
So you dying to know...
A GIRL!!!!
Woo Hoo! I would be happy with either gender, but lets face it, girls are SO much more FUN to dress!
If you were hoping for a private shot, we are keeping her modest, but here are some of our favorite shots.
This is my favorite picture. She was jumping on my placenta. She will be a trampoline jumper, for sure!

Hi! Here is her freaky skull and she is waving to us. So kind, so kind.

And a cute little profile. Yummy!

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Ginger said...

I'm so excited for your family! Baby girl is so lucky to be joining you guys:) And, i kind of feel special that I was the first one to see your pee stick in NYC ;)

Jenny said...

so, so excited for you! you know how much i love baby name talk, my brain started churning with those place references! brooklyn, harlem, raleigh!! fun fun fun! although you could also pay homage to where the little miss was conceived which i'm guessing was about Ruby for your favorite diner? Or maybe an awesome Disney name...Alice? Rapunzel? Haha. Basically what I"m saying is I am always happy to talk baby names if you need to throw some ideas around. We love little girls over here and can't wait to meet her/see her on the computer. Sniff.

Maren B said...

Congratulations! Baby girls are so wonderful. I'm jealous that you already know what you're having. Hope things continue to go well in your pregnancy!

Jess said...

Yeah! Lil peanut will be beautiful. Jenny is seriously cracking me up! I am thinking about calling her for some ideas cause we are stuck. Oh Jen so excited for you!

RaeAnn said...

Soooo fun!! I am totally excited that it is a girl so we can dress her up super cute...but I would have been excited with either one!!!!
Love ya!!!

Laura said...

congrats! that is so exciting. if mia were chase's twin, our families would be the same :)

Emily Curfew said...

i was secretly hoping it was a girl!! b/c like you said they are so much fun to dress AND accessorize!! hehehe. do you have a name picked out yet? or is it top secret?? i'm so curious to see what cute name you will come up with nexT!!

i miss you!!

The Birds said...

Yeah! So much fun! congrats!

Sally said...

At one point Grant and I considered the name York which was the name of the black man on the Lewis and Clark expedition. Then we had a girl.

She's cute already.

dkeaquinto said...

YAY for little girls!! I have 2 in a row and we just had our first little boy. Congratulations!! She lucky to be in such a great family!

Brandon and Kim Waldron said...

Congratulations you guys! So exciting! :)

Kristyn said...

Sugar and spice and everything nice...I can only imagine how fun having a girl would be!