Sunday, May 22

Happy Birthday to Me!!

My 30th year has flown by. I don't really know how to deal with that, but I sure brought 31 in with a bang. It was special because my mom was here, and I haven't been around her for my birthday in a LONG time.

In the morning we skipped the traditional birthday breakfast for a bike ride to Ruby's on the Pier.
From May11

From May11

Then mom took me shopping...
I got the Volcano candle from Anthropologie. Yum. and Black Glitter Toms. So excited!
We shopped to much so we had to let the kids get soaked for a second.

That night we went to my inlaws for a birthday celebration. We had coconut chicken, yummy salad, drinks, homemade rolls, and cake! It was delicious! (No pictures, can you believe it?)

The next night, I thought I was planning a date night with friends, but really they were planning Kidnap Jen and take her to a movie night. I love my friends, and it was so nice to hang out with them with no kids, and to go see a GREAT chick flick... Something Borrowed.
Um, the main male character was edible for sure. He was so goodlooking!
All in all, a fantastic birthday. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, treats on my doorsteps, emails, text messages, voicemail, phone calls, and facebook wall posts. I felt loved!

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Jenny said...

sounds perfect! i want to see that movie i'm glad to hear it's good.