Friday, May 27

An Evening Outside

I am finally not feeling so lazy. We were in a funk over here. A pregnancy funk. My neighbor, who is pregnant and due a week before me, and I just lay on the couches at either my house or her house, and our kids just play and make a mess. It is really unproductive.

I really have nothing to complain about because I haven't been sick, but I have been tired. Really tired. So, I finally got out of that tired funk and started to venture back outside.
This particular day we went to the library, and then came home and read our books outside under the sun.

Then the neighbors came out and we made these bad boys.
Grilled pizza. Best pizza ever. So yum, so easy, and SOO fast. It takes 4 minutes to make this pizza if you buy your pizza dough at TJs. Which, if you don't, you should. Yum.

2 love notes:

Laura said...

I know what you mean...I used to try and be productive during mias nap, now I let chase watch tv while I lay around or take a nap. And I was so proud of myself for making real dinner 3 nights this week

Jenny said...

Sometimes I think about what life would be like if I just had Kate right now. She's at such a great age. Of course two little Kates would be different, but still, they are so grown up! The thought of reading books in the sun outside sounds magical.