Friday, May 6


So my weeks of preschool are upon me again. I love teaching, but it is nice to have those 6 hours a week off! Our theme this week was Bugs! We learned all about bugs, and the letter Z (because bugs make that sound) and we reviewed the letter B.

Writing Centers:
I found this awesome book at the library, Butterfly Alphabet. At first I thought it would be lame and just have a different species of butterfly for each letter of the alphabetm but no, som super anal person looked at every butterfly and found each letter of the alphabet on different butterfly wings. It really is an awesome book. So we wrote all the letters on the wings of a butterfly I printed out for them.

Then the go to writing center activity when my brain is half working... writing in our journals. They love it, and I will love to save their journals and look at the funny responses they gave each day!

Math Centers:
I made ladybugs out of felt, and cut out lots of dots. They had to identify the number and put the appropriate amount of dots on each ladybug.

On Thursday, we read Inch by Inch, by Leo Lionni. Love this book. I used it in my Summer Reading Books with my kids this past summer. Anyways, I made little inch worms, and they measured a shoe, a spatula, a princess, corn, and a hamburger.

ABC Centers:
My neighbor has this great old school ABC pad. We used that for preschool. I love centers that involve no thinking...

And on Thursday, I cut out lots of dragonflies and butterflies and wrote different letters on them. They had to catch the bugs with z's and b's. I have to give a shout out to Tyson, cause I thought of this center 30 minutes before preschool started, but we didn't have a bug net. Tyson fashioned one out of the nylon bag, metal hanger, and dowel. He is amazing.

Dramatic Play Centers:
They looked at a book about fireflies, and took the finger lights and pretended to be fireflies in the closet. Anything with pretending these four are all about it! They love to dress up!

On Thursday, we had so much fun dress up like bugs. We had pipe cleaners for antennas, black nylons for spider legs, Berkleigh's butterfly wings, and my yoga mat which they used as a cocoon.
They had fun looking at the book about bug faces and trying to recreate them in the mirror.

Other things we did:
We had honey on bread for snack and read about bees.

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and acted out the life cycle of a butterfly, and then made a book about it.

We sang bug songs.

We made little bug homes, got "food" and the caught lady bugs! They loved this.
My friend did this for a birthday party, and I have wanted to do it since!

It was a great week, and I have one more to go!

2 love notes:

Jenny said...

I wish I had seen this before I did my bug lesson at the beginning of the year! So much fun! How did you catch all those ladybugs? I don't get it.

RaeAnn said...

The ladybugs looked like so much fun!! Did you buy them? You are amazing Jen!!! So fun!!!
Love ya!!