Tuesday, April 26

Lemons to Lemonade

We were at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and Tyson was was pruning their lemon tree.
It had so many lemons, and Merrick saw the need to back up the big wheel truck by his dad so that Tyson could drop them in.

Then Merrick and Berkleigh drove all over the backyard, front yard, trying to give away lemons to whoever walked by.

Grandma said, "Hey back that truck up in the kitchen and lets make some lemonade!"

So, that is just what the did.

There is nothing like a beautiful day and homemade lemonade with crushed ice and strawberries to get you excited for summer!

3 love notes:

Jenny said...

I am so thirsty now. Wow. Like really thirsty. That third picture with the Berkleigh head tilt is magical.

RaeAnn said...


Michelle Nguyen said...

LOVE that tractor! Sooo cute! You have so much fun all the time. Seriously.