Sunday, February 20


We have been inside with cold weather and rain. How dare it actually be the temperature it is supposed to be! I shouldn't complain, I have already had my first sunburn for the summer, and it is still winter.

The rain makes me get a little more creative...

We tried to learn how to wink...

We made up a toss the rings/horseshoe type game!

The Pied Piper played and the little mouse chased him.

We played Chutes and Ladders.

And when the rain stopped it became "Mud Puddle Day"!

We had lots of water in our boots!

Oh, and I finished this book!

6 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

He's such a cute little winker!!!
Love Ya!!!

Kristyn said...

That video is HILARIOUS!!!

Sally said...

There is a cool and funky optical illusion going on in the reflection picture that makes it appear that the reflection is wearing the boots but that they are big knee high boots. It's awesome!

RaeAnn said...

How did you find a teal harmonica?
Did you spray paint it? Love your new teal frames and your "Be Mine" banner!!!
Love ya!

Susan said...

I love it when someone winks!

Josh and Laura said...

Did you like The Help? I loved it. Just read it a little while ago.