Tuesday, February 15

Birthday Weekend

On Sunday night, we had Grandma and Grandpa over for pre birthday celebrations. We had these amazing taquitos from this site. Please make them and LOVE them. Because we decided to have a Mexican fiesta, we had to have some Jarritos. Yum.

I found this AMAZING cake on I am Baker. I am not a baker, but I thought I would try it. It was the perfect birthday cake for the twins!

Tyson couldn't believe I was attempting this cake. He has lots of faith in my baking abilities! hehe. So he took a bunch of pictures of the process.

Surprise!! Can you tell that is a heart?

On the twins actual birthday, Valentine's Day, we had our usual birthday breakfast.

The menu included:
Spinach Smoothies
and heart eggs in toast!

Then we opened presents! They got such fun things from eachother and from Grandma's and Grandpa's!

Tyson and I got the twins bikes!

How we acquired those bikes is a great story..
We had four grown up beach cruisers in our garage. Mine, Tyson's new one, and then his old one without a chain, and one we found by the dumpster.
We sold his old one (remember the one we got for $50) and the one we found by our dumpster for $50 on Craigslist. That sounds like it went smoothly, minus the two guys that came to see the bikes at the EXACT same time, and threw around the f bomb and almost some punches! Crazy.
Scary then, funny now.
Then we headed out to the swap meet to find some bikes for the kids. I ALWAYS wanted Berkleigh to have a beach cruiser, but new they are $200! We found one in great shape for $30!
We found Merrick's at Play it Again sports for $20!
Even Steven! Equal trade. We paid nothing for their bikes! I love that!

Anyways, we had a fun birthday picnic with friends in our complex, and passing out our Valentine's to our friends in our complex, and our preschool friends
. (Simplifying remember, simplifying)

This is what I came up with this year...
From untitled event

Tyson came home early, so we took them on their first bike ride on the beach.

For Valentines Dinner, the tradition lives on to have TV dinners. We love this tradition. We get to stay home all comfy cozy, and eat food we never normally eat, and we miss the crowds!

I love my Hungry Man!

7 love notes:

Jenny said...

love B's beach cruiser!! that is so fun your whole family can go on bike rides to the beach. Kate still kind of struggles on her bike but she rode to the park the other day on it and I was thinking how fun that will be eventually to go on family bike rides.

Kristyn said...

Holy crap I can't believe how much your twins have grown in one year. The first pics in the post below blew me away. (I've been meaning to post a year in review post...maybe seeing yours will finally give me motivation!!)

And the bday party looks great! Thacks got a bike for Xmas (from Craigslist too!) and the little stinker won't ride it farther than 20 feet. Glad your kids will!

One last thing - we have been eating green smoothies around here like nobody's business! Glad to see someone else loving them!

RaeAnn said...

Everything looks really fun Jen. I love Merrick's green plaid shirt and Berkleigh with her puppy in her bike rack!!!! And the valentines are really fun too!!
Love ya!!

Autumn said...

I am impressed you got the cruiser for 30 bucks, I paid closer to the 200 price for Layne's yikes! Looks like a fun Birthday & Valentine's Day celebration!

Emily Curfew said...

what an incredible birthday for your twins. love all the details. and i LOV LOVE LOVE our best bites. did you see they are publishing a cookbook?

Sally said...

Way to go on the cake! I wouldn't even have tried!

Melody Odell said...

Such an amazing cake and i am dying at how cute Berkleigh's beach cruiser is!