Wednesday, November 3

A Vote for Craig Scott is a Vote for Yourself...

Yesterday was election day. I hope you all voted!
I love voting. I love knowing that my measly little ballot was counted towards something that could make a difference.

My father in law is on the City Council of Laguna Hills.
He is awesome, and up for re-election. My father in law is not new to this, he has been up for re-election before, because he has been on the city council for 20 years, and the mayor 4 times!
He helped established the city and was one of the first elected officials of Laguna Hills.
BUT... this year, there was some crazy mudslinging. This woman (nasty) came in to destroy my father in law and to take his place on the city council.
It was sad.

So, after preschool, voting and dinner group, the kids and I made these patriotic oreos to take over to grandpa at the "Scott Headquarters" on election night.

There were no balloons, but a quiet dinner with treats. There weren't a million people, just some of the people that matter. There were no fog horns and screaming, just kids sleeping, and the phone ringing off the hook as all the kids called in to check up on their dad.

We watched Gilmore Girls, then Craig being interviewed on TV while awaiting the results, then we would run to the computer to check the numbers as the ballots were counted.

He was third place all night, with the (nasty) woman (with the weird Tourette syndrome twitch) in the lead.
Seriously? Do some research.

Anyways, we left at 1 am with still only 5 precincts reporting and Craig still in third place.
On our way home, my father in law called. He had lost. They had counted all the ballots, and he had lost by 40 votes.

But, all we know, is whatever happens he is still an awesome father, grandpa, and father in law.

2 love notes:

SweetmamaK said...

what a lovely entry about you father in law. It's unfortunate he lost, we need more wonderful people in politics. I am glad he has a wonderful supportive family.

jenny said...

aw, that's too bad. i hate how nasty politics get.