Wednesday, November 10

Thankful Days

Last year, ucreate had a Thankful Countdown.
We didn't do it last year, but I was really excited to try it this year now that the twins are a little older.

On Monday, we had FHE and talked about things we were grateful for. We wrote them on fruit and veggies and put them in our cornucopia.

Then we cut out our feathers to send to family and friends for our Thankful Thanksgiving Turkey.

All this past week, we have picked something out of the jar and talked about why we are thankful for that thing. There is an activity that goes along with it too...

Here are the activities we did this week.
Thankful for Turkeys
Make Paper Turkey Art Project
We sent our Turkey Feathers out!

Thankful for Mom!
Berkleigh and Merrick helped me make dinner.
I was making Cilantro Pesto, and Berkleigh pulled off EVERY single leaf of 2 bunches of cilantro.
That was a huge help.!

Thankful for our house!
We cleaned our house and our rooms!

Thankful for Grandparents.
Called to say, "I love you!"

Thankful for my family.
Played Memory together!

Thankful for my eyes.
We went to the dollar theater and saw
Despicable Me.

Thankful for our teachers.
Made them cookies and gave them a card to go with them.

Stay tuned for more thankful days!

4 love notes:

bridgette said...

I love your idea of sending feathers to family. I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea :)

RaeAnn said...

We got our feathers in the mail yesterday!!!! We will get them off in the mail soon!!
Love ya and your fun ideas!!

Sally said...

Wow, Berkleigh is an awesome help! I need her at my house.

Kristyn said...

and i thought you were taking a little break after the busy summer with all the activities! no breaks the scotts!

thanks for the inspiration! seriously, i love that about blogs. i never even would have thought of doing something fun all month leading up to the big holiday! fun, fun, fun.