Monday, November 15

More Thankful Days

Monday: Thankful for our Car.
We cleaned it, and we were going to get ice cream, but the kids fell asleep in the car on the way there. (Time change, I love and hate you!)

Tuesday: Thankful for our Toys.
We each picked a toy we don't play with to give to Goodwill for other kids to have someday.

Wednesday: Thankful for our Legs.
We got out and ran around Disneyland all day.

Thursday: Thankful for our Heavenly Father.
We said special prayers of thanks!

Friday: Thankful for our Cousins.
We drew special pictures to send to our cousins.

Saturday: Thankful for Dad.
We went to Daddy's hospital to see where he works! It was so fun to have him show off what he does for the kids!

Sunday: Thankful for Vegetables
We were supposed to go to the store and pick out a food we have never tried...
but it was Sunday, so we will do it today!

We are loving this!

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Really fun Jen!! The twins look like they had a lot of fun at the hospital!!!
Love ya!!

Amber said...

We've done a few of those ones already too. The car one...was awesome...we did that Saturday. car is still so clean because they don't want to mess it up after they worked so hard. I'm lovin' the straight hair too.