Monday, October 11

The last week...

has been filled with lots of fun with no time to blog.

... have been to Disneyland at least three times.

...made mummy pizzas.

...ran around in the woods to celebrate the rain and the cool air.

(Kelly, When I look at this picture I want to eat Merrick. I know how you feel!)

...went to our first pumpkin patch.

...went to Laguna Hills High School Homecoming football game to watch Brooke cheer.
Grandpa taught Berkleigh and Merrick all about football.
Don't you love that Tyson's dad wears Tyson's letterman jacket to the games!?

We love this time of year. Now we have to get down to business and do things I have been putting off....
-finishing my Halloween decorations. (uhh)
-costumes! costumes! costumes!

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