Friday, August 6

You Can't Take a Balloon into The Metropoliatan Museum

Tuesday (Aug 3) we went with our good friends to The Natural History Museum and the California Science Center in Los Angeles.
The NHM was free on the first Tuesday and the California Science Center is ALWAYS free.
It was the coolest place.
I have always wanted to go.. it was a perfect day to get to birds with one stone!

First we went to the Butterfly exhibit.
They always tell you to check for stowaway butterflies before you leave, but you never think they are talking about caterpillars!
Berkleigh kept complaining about a butterfly. I thought it just hit her while flying by, but no, she had that spiky caterpillar down her shirt!
It was the coolest place, because you could see the butterflies, cocoons, eggs, and caterpillars EVERYWHERE!

Then we headed over to the California Science Center:
Our favorite part was the Ecosystems Wing.
There was a Kelp Forest.

There was an awesome indoor playground and a blue screen you could stand in front of and dress up like forest animals.
Lauren was a butterfly, Berkleigh was a squirrel, Emily was a ladybug, and Merrick was a bird.
It was so fun Po Pos! Lets do it again sometime...

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Laura said...

can you believe i have never been to either of those places? well chase went to the NHM without me, but i need togo. thanks for the reminder to go. was the free tuesday really crowded?

Taylors said...

wow, that science center looks awesome!! And free, is just amazing!!

We were thinking about you guys when we were down for Disneyland. You guys live in such an amazing area with so much to do around you! I'm jealous! And Disneyland was pretty crowded. We thought we were smart going on a Tues. and Wed. but we still had to wait in lines. :(

btw, I love your summer book program. I know I've said this before, but your kids are sure lucky to have you as their mom!!

Michelle said...

I have to say may favorite thing about these pictures is Berkleigh's little pancita in the first couple pics.