Saturday, August 7

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

We LOVE this book. It is so cute! This book is one of the reasons I thought of starting the daily book and activity.

The twins love buses, the reason being this cute cute book.
They have never been on a bus. I have never been on a bus. I thought it would be an exciting adventure to take the bus...

...and an adventure it was!

We started at a bus stop by our house. The 178. This bus would take us to the OC Fairgrounds and back. Fun!

We waited at the stop until the bus came, but the bus driver wouldn't let us in. It must be the end of the drivers route and they get a 15 minute break.

While the bus drive text, phoned, reapplied lipstick and brushed her hair, we took more pictures!
Uh Oh! Looks who is on the bus!

Then it was time to get on.

We took a seat and away we went!
There is that pigeon again!

We got off at the fairgrounds. Walk across the street and thought we would catch the next bus back. Well, we couldn't find a bus stop for the 178, so we just kept walking because I thought we would have to find on that road. The bus route is the same to and from its ending point, right?

Well, no. We walked about 3/4 of a mile and then I thought, "I am just going to get on a bus that will take me back to Huntington Beach." I saw a sign that said "173, Huntington Beach Pier". Now that is WAY closer to my house than where I am now. SO we hopped right on that bus.

Unfortunately, OTHER buses stop at the bus stop, and I ended up on the 55 bus. We kept turning away from Huntington Beach, and before I knew it we were CROSSING over the 405. Soon we were in Santa Ana. (For those of you who don't know, that is pretty far away from Huntington Beach!)
I called Tyson. He was just starting a surgery. He couldn't come. He told me to just get off the bus. Well, I didn't want to get off the bus until I was somewhere I felt safe. Santa Ana isn't the nicest area...

Then I thought, well the bus has an assigned route, so it will just take me back the way we came and I can get off where I got on. Make sense, right?
Wrong. People got on the bus, off the bus, on the bus, off the bus.
Finally we were the only ones on the bus.
The bus stops and the bus driver asks me what stop I was "trying to get off at".
I told him the story, and that i was just going to be on the bus until I got back where I started.

Well, that didn't go over well with the bus driver because that was his last stop FOR THE DAY.
Haha! So we got off.
We are sitting in the middle of Santa Ana (luckily in front of the Sheriff's station) on this hill.

My awesome husband had called my mother in law, and she came and saved me.
SO, an adventure that was supposed to last an hour or two lasted 4 hours!

It was a crazy day, but so fun.

It shouldn't be "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", but "Don't Let Jen Ride the Bus".

5 love notes:

Ian said...

Couldn't stop laughing. Glad you guys had fun and made it home safe. Wish we were closer. Sheryl is always taking the kids on the metro to the children's museum. Luckily, there's only one line - down to the museum and back!

Taylors said...

lol, great story. And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Mo Willems. I am like you, when I find an author I like, I get all of his books (borrow at the library)
What an adventure!!! :)

jenny said...

that is an adventure! brings me back to my provo days of getting lost on the bus. i would imagine with 2 kids it'd be just a little more stressful, but if you ever have to ride the bus again you will be that much wiser!

ecuakim said...

What an adventure! Reminds me of the time I was on my mission and took my poor new greenie companion on the wrong bus and we accidentally LEFT THE MISSION. Yeah, that was fun.

Anonymous said...

I used to take the bus in Utah all the time but that was much less intimidating than So Cal. I am impressed with your bravery.