Monday, July 5

Welcome to my Town

I wanted to introduce you to the little beach town where we live, Huntington Beach.

It is actually NOT small, but the closer to the beach you are the more small-er-ish it feels.

I have noticed a couple things about Huntington Beach in our two year stay here so far...

1. LOTS of people have tatoos, and I am not talking just a small one on your ankle, I am talking Jesse James style... sleeves and all.

2. EVERYBODY has a beach cruiser and rides around.

3. Huntington Beachians (Beachites?) are into their old, remodeled cars.

4. Huntington Beach LOVES beach volley ball.

5. Huntington Beach also goes by Surf City.

6. Huntington Beach LOVES Fourth of July.

Saturday, Tyson was the best husband and stayed home while the kids slept so I could go on a LONG bike ride with my sister in laws. I don't think it was the bike ride Brittany expected because we STOPPED a lot. Hey I needed to take these awesome pictures of the awesome houses for this post!

Keep in mind that ALL these houses are on the SAME street!

From July 10
Both Tyson and I agree that we could live in this house. This might be what our future home looks like... (not first home, but maybe second home...) Here's to dreamin.

Thank you for joining us for this installment of Welcome to My Town.

6 love notes:

Jen and Chris said...

1 word: awesome

Autumn said...

Your dream house is Brian & Barbara's house, my husband had his 40th B-day there, it is beautiful, hee! hee! We were down there too, crazy HB parade, been doing it my whole life, kind of scary :)

Emily Curfew said...

i miss huntington beach the most because of 4th of july. best ever there! i love main street and its my favorite day of the year to ride bikes.

RaeAnn said...

We don't decorate quite that much for the 4th out here in the south, in fact I haven't seen any houses decorated!! I really like the ribbons woven through the fence!! The last one is a little much, but otherwise, I agree with Jen, awesome!!

Chelsea said...

I love the festive people! You forgot to mention "my town almost always has PERFECT weather, and my friends in Utah envy me for it".

Megan said...

HB forever!