Thursday, July 8

The 'Knight and the Dragon' had a Farm...


We went with some friends to this crazy Castle Park in Irvine on Thursday. Merrick really wanted to wear his Knight-wear. Berkleigh just always things she is a princess.

From July 10

On Friday, what didn't we do? We read and went to Centennial Farms.
Did I tell you it is FREE!

The Oxen were out, and so was Uncle Remus (as my friend Kristy said).
We looked at the cool garden and learned windmill worked.
Saw the livestock... no typewriters were seen. They hide them well.

Mackenzie came to hang out...

Then off on a bike ride to the beach

and ended the day with free Chick fil a. Jenny you would be proud! The Scott family dressed up like cows to get free kids meals and free combo meals!

4 love notes:

jenny said...

i am SOOO proud!! and i'm sure it was worth it, mmm!

Josh and Laura said...

(1) That park in Irvine looks awesome! I should have woken Bryn up from her nap to go with you guys! I'm not going to let Bryn look at this blog post. (2) Centennial Farm. I drove around the OC Fairgrounds for a half an hour looking for it, after seeing your pics of your last trip there. Is it even by the OC fair-grounds or am I totally off?

Melody Odell said...

Yeah you are right, great minds do think alike!I didn't know you guys actually dressed up for chickfila!

Megan said...

When we come to Cali can we play with you guys too? You are the most fun Scott cousins we have...okay the only Scott cousins we have, but still the funnest. :) (love my grammar?)