Saturday, July 17

Heading Out

Friday we read this "To The Beach" by Lisa Ashman. For some reason I can't upload a picture of it. Anyways, then we headed to the beach:

I didn't get any pictures of Berkleigh because she was being a little crazy running after and away from the waves.

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Sarah Hull said...
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Sarah Hull said...

I came across your blog from "Sandy toes and Popsicles" the other day and since I have found your blog I have told every mom I've talked to about it! I am so inspired by what you are doing! Thank you So much for sharing your fun summer reading and adventures!

RaeAnn said...

Wow Jen you are a real celebrity!!!
Just kidding...kind of!!!
That picture of Merrick is the cutest picture ever!!!
Love ya!!!

HeyTriciaC said...

Your site is so much fun! You are a great mom. I am going to check out the Environmental Nature Center with my kids, that sounds right up their alley!

Shelly said...

Hey I found your blog through my cousin Autie's Blog! I live in AZ! I love Photography and love the pictures that you take! You have an amazing talent and eye for them! I am a photographer too and I just was wondering what camera and lens you use!

Emily Curfew said...

i'm totally missing your daily posts!!

hope you are having fun on vacay!