Monday, July 26


I love Bill Peet's art. His stories are a little wordy, but his artwork is amazing.

Monday was a great day... where to begin...

Remembered about the Elephant Walk (where they stop the circus train, let the elephants walk to the circus venue) around 11. Hoped in the car super fast. Drove down to where it was to take place at 12:30 pm.

Berkleigh had to pee. Obviously there was no bathroom in sight, so I had her squat. I see all my friends doing that in bushes with their boys. The only difference was this was a girl, we were up against a busy road, AND she had to poop not pee.

There was a big, big log. That took up some time, but still no train.

Everyone kept saying different times, and I knew there was a chance it would be late... but how late? So Kristy and I set a cap on how long we would stay. Around 3 we left, after we heard for the 80th time that the train was yet coming a little later.

I don't regret missing it! The kids were awesome, and when we got home we watched the footage from last years... What three year old needs more than that?

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