Thursday, June 10

Closet Cross-Dresser


It was really quiet. I couldn't find Merrick. That usually means he is up to no good. See post below with Merrick, the knives, and the ladybug magnets...

I called for him, no answer.
I looked for him, no luck.
I heard a little noise in the closet.

This is what I found. The cutest kid ever hiding in the closet trying on his sister's dresses.


Look at that smile. . .

3 love notes:

Emily said...

look at that busted face!! so cute and he even got it on correctly!!

Sally said...

I guess is better now than when he is twenty. :)

ps it was so good to talk to you as well. Now you have another excuse to move/visit Texas

ps this is Eileen if you couldn't tell

Sheryl said...

That is the most adorable look on his face! I love it. Blake LOVES his toenails painted and he was jealous of Elizabeth's "dancing" dress (her pettiskirt). I was just glad I got him a "dancing" shirt (it was a new polo shirt for pictures).