Wednesday, January 6


Ok, it is only Wednesday, and I have gone to Disneyland twice this week! Crazy... it might not be my last either.

Well, a couple weeks back, my friend Becky and I rode the Matterhorn with Merrick. It was Becky's first time, and Merrick's first time, and they both did wonderfully. :)

Here is a picture after the Matterhorn that Becky took on her camera to document Merrick's first time. (Sorry Becky, I should have taken a picture of you too, how rude am I?)

On Monday night, Tyson wanted to go to Disneyland for FHE. So we went.. for an hour and 45 minutes. We rode the Matterhorn with Merrick and Berkleigh.

Merrick thinks the "mountain with the monsters" is old hat, but we were a little nervous for Berkleigh. She tends to be a scaredy cat... remember?

This picture came to mind...

I thought I would see this on our decent from the mountain, however I saw this...

(Similar face, but no goats.. just a visual people.)

Life is good when you are over 35 inches tall!
No more Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
Here we come rollercoasters.

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Emily said...

thats very exciting!!! i wish i could go to disneyland twice a week!!

RaeAnn said...

OOOhhhhh! I will miss having them crawling all over me when we go on Pirates!!! But now I can look forward to roller coasters!!!!
Love ya!!!

Tyson Smith said...