Tuesday, December 15


In Rancho Santa Margarita this past weekend they had a live nativity and creche exhibit. We went last year with my in laws and loved it, so we decided to go back.

I love looking at ALL the different nativities from around the world...

Oh and all these pictures were hip pictures. I didn't know if you could take pictures so I turned the flash off and took them from my hip. It was kinda fun!

Mother Russia

Made out of a grater and other kitchen utensils... the best part the name plate in front said, "How GRATE thou art."

This one was burned out of a propane tank. It spun. It was awesome!

Phillipines-out of recycled newspaper


How sweet is this one from Zulu... look at the teeth!


On the head of a pin.. it was teeny tiny.


Then we went outside to watch the live nativity. It was beauitful. They had real animals, a star, wisemen, real pregnant Mary, a real baby for baby Jesus.

We had lots of fun.. and it is nice to remember why we really celebrate.

Merry Christmas!

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Taylors said...

those look awesome! What a fun, appropriate Sunday outing :)

Amy said...

We were there! It really was SO neat! Too bad we must have just crossed paths and not ran in to each other!

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