Tuesday, December 1

Christmas books...

Ever since I can remember, when the air turns cold, my mom goes out to find the perfect Christmas book for our holiday season. Now that I am married, I have carried on that tradition, with the help of my mother, who still buys us the books. :)

Every Christmas Eve before the egg nog, cookies, the reading of Christ's birth, and the acting out of the Nativity, we each pick our past favorite Christmas book, and then after we read all the books we picked, my mom brings out the NEW book.

Well, I have wanted this certain book for AGES! I always forget to get it before December starts, and then I think I will remember earlier the next year. Well this year... I REMEMBERED!!!

And straight away called my mom and asked her to buy it for us. :)

It came in the mail the other day. I wrapped it in cute polka dot paper. I then gave it to my neighbor to leave on our doorstep, tonight, Monday, FHE.

Here is how the evening unfolded...
A knock on the door:

(Don't be concerned with what Tyson is wearing... I can't answer that question.)

Door Opened and "pissmiss present" entered into the hands of two two year olds:

A little unwrappage happened and behold our new book!!!

The Elf on the Shelf

We read the book:

We named our Elf. Tyson wanted Finnegan, Merrick wanted "pissy" (our neighbor Kristy), and Berkleigh wanted "pissy Tree" aka Christmas tree, so we finally came up with the name Finn Tree. Awesome.

As parents, we hide the elf in a new place in the house and the twins have to find him.... and who wouldn't want to find him, look how vintagey cute he is!

... so excuse me, because I have a elf to move and hide.

6 love notes:

Jon and Becky said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that!

jenny said...

he is a cute little elf. i think you should have named him pissy, haha.

Michele said...

I am so leaving my house asap to get this book! love it and love new tradition ideas! tks for sharing!

Autumn said...

Love seeing everyone's traditions! We love books too! My tradition w/ my kids is Christmas Eve they get 2 gifts. Matching pj's and a new Christmas book. We get cozy, read our book, then put out the cookies & milk for Santa!!! Helps make the Christmas book collection grow over the years!

RaeAnn said...

It looks like Finn has a California tan!!! Or is that just from living in that snow!!!
Love Ya!!!

Amy D. said...

We did this EXACT same thing!!! The kids were in awe. They named ours Buddy(from the movie Elf, so clever). It was the first thing they asked about this morning and I can't wait for a whole month of good behavior thanks to that cute little guy.